Wellness: Both Teacher and Student

Wellness. When you hear this word, what comes to mind? Relaxation? Time? Gratitude? Teacher wellness has come up a lot on Twitter these days about how you might go about reducing stress and improving your wellness. With the world moving faster day after day, it is important we are able to define what wellness is for us as teachers. I am going to share what it means to me and how I attempt to create this elusive wellness.

With this being said where does teacher wellness come in? Does teacher wellness have an impact on the wellness of students? Without a doubt, teacher wellness impacts student wellness. After all, we cannot pour from an empty cup. How are we to empower students to chase their dreams when we ourselves are running on empty?

Stress and burnout are two aspects of the teaching profession that has an adverse impact on their ability to be responsive and effective in the classroom. These two aspects can come from a list of situations, all different and all personal. Having an individual definition of wellness, we will be able to identify what we are lacking to get a better balance within our lives.

Teacher Wellness = Student Wellness

Teachers are role models for students as they spend a large amount of time together during the day. Students are constantly looking up to us in how we deal with achievements and failures. 

We are constantly trying to improve student achievement. Whether that is by introducing the latest technology, implementing a new curriculum or attending professional development for new strategies to help our students. Our focus is on students and how to help them succeed in moving from point A to point B.

Speaking from personal experience, I know when I am more energetic and attentive, my students get the best version of me as their teacher. When I show them examples of taking mental breaks and creating balance, I hope they see that life isn’t just about working hard. We talk about wellness and what that is and its importance. We have discussions on what we can do to create a more balanced life.

How might we create a more balanced life?

There are plenty of ways through which teachers can improve their wellbeing. Here are some of the ways I make balance in my life.

These are just 5 ways that I try to create work-life balance for me. They might not be for you but hopefully, it lets you think about what you need to get that balance we as teachers need to be effective.

 What is your way?

Everyone knows we cannot pour from an empty cup. In the same way, if we as teachers are not well, students suffer and that is not what any of us signed up for. To ensure students are performing well, teachers put in their best efforts but to do that, we must take care of ourselves first and foremost. There isn’t a set path for everyone, choose whatever works best for you whether that is yoga, exercise, reading, or maybe just a movie. So, how are you going to improve your well-being? What do you do for wellness? Share in the comments below and let us know!

As always, continue sharing your learning!


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