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Long gone are the days when Twitter was used for telling people where you are or what you are eating. Twitter is a great social media platform that is not only used for having fun; it can prove to be quite useful when it comes to education.

There are no barriers to Twitter; everyone is able to connect with their students in the world. Everyone is on an equal footing with a 280-character limit. This app enables students to engage in various cultures and classrooms around the world. In addition, Twitter also enables teachers the ability to professional grow in small chunks of time. It allows teachers to improve instruction in the classroom one tweet at a time.

Are you still not sure how Twitter can be beneficial for teachers? Here are my 3 big takeaways for Twitter.

New Ideas

Twitter is a wonderful platform where educators can interact, share ideas, resources, and voice their concerns. By joining Twitter, teachers gain new ideas on how to improve their teaching and classroom environment. Teachers from all over the world share their own teaching approaches and styles through various posts and Twitter Chats. Here are 5 valuable Twitter Chats that I found most inspiring.

  1. #PYPchat
  2. #eduLWDT
  3. #EngageChat
  4. #TLAPdownunder
  5. #PubPDAsia

Each of these chats has various topics on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly rotation. If you are looking for quick, free, and inspiring professional development, I highly recommend starting with these.

Perspectives Change

On Twitter, teachers from across the globe come together and talk about their subjects, profession, and views. There you can see how passionate and dedicated teachers are to creating a positive classroom environment for our students to reach their fullest potential.  By spending time talking with educators from such a wide range of backgrounds, I have developed a better understanding of different perspectives that in turn as made me a better educator. Engaging with different perspectives and views makes us question our own view and either strengthens our view or changes.

Finding and Sharing Resources

Twitter is a wonderful platform where you can find plenty of information on a wide range of subjects and topics. There is a possibility that some other teacher might have already created a resource that is perfect for your situation. The relationships I have made from Twitter have been incredibly rewarding both personally and professionally. Developing a professional learning network is critical in staying ahead in today’s educational field. My top 5 educators to follow for inspiring and innovative work are listed below.

  1. Rob Kelly – @robkellytweets
  2. Tonya Gilgrist – @Mrs_Gilchrist
  3. Kevin O’Shea – @MadForMaple
  4. Sean Forde – @Sean4d
  5. Devika Datta – @devikadatta15

On Twitter, teachers create and share resources that anyone can use. Collaborating with other teachers online has proven to be an enlightening experience.

Therefore, using Twitter in the classroom is a wonderful way to ensure students are learning in a global context. It will help teachers create a positive and inclusive classroom that breaks down the 4 walls of the classroom for students to engage with a global audience.

Who are your go-to Twitter people? What have you learned through Twitter? Share down below and I look forward to seeing you in the Twittersphere!

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    1. Thank you, Rob! When starting my blog I knew the first article had to be about the power of Twitter. Of course, I had to mention you and your inspirational twitter chat #eduLWDT!.


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