Connecting During Covid

Connecting Safely: I have been wondering how I could help our students connect beyond the classroom in more meaningful ways. During this past grade 2 unit, we started to share learning with others. Something I have missed most about music is the ability to connect and perform for others. With this in mind, I immediately went to my favorite learning platform, Twitter, and started scrolling to find ways for students to share, not just in one class, but across five classes.

Loving a Little More

We have entered into the new year, and I wondered if I should’ve done a New Year’s Resolution. I have to remind myself I have not done a New Year’s Resolution in a very long time for very good reasons.

I have never been one to make these resolutions “stick.” Not to say I don’t have goals, but a New Year’s Resolution just seems more daunting. It seems like it is something someone else forced me into doing because it is the start of the new year. Because of this feeling, I was almost never successful in my goal which then starts a negative cycle of self-pity.