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Every day is new and every day we should be learning to do better than the day before. I am always looking for ways to become better than I was yesterday. My blog posts are ways that I reflect on readings I have came across or practices I have tried in the classroom. 

Levi Allison

Online Portfolio – Developing Authentic Assessments

This is my online portfolio for ED887 Developing Authentic Assessments. I have attached articles of work to reflect success in …
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Reflecting on Change: Book Review #1

This is my first book review post! I have been wanting to start reviewing and reflecting on different books that …
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Music During Online Learning

How can we still offer an authentic and genuine music experience during online learning? Especially when you are exhausted and …
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5 Tools for Effective Online Learning

The last few months have had many ups and downs across the globe. Many of us have had to move …
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Wellness: Both Teacher and Student

Wellness. When you hear this word, what comes to mind? Relaxation? Time? Gratitude? Teacher wellness has come up a lot …
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Bringing Student Awareness Every day

Do you wonder how your students are feeling? Wondering why that one student is by themselves again for the third …
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